Why Choose The Combi Oven?

The existence of conventional cooking devices such as stoves, ovens, and steamers is a must-have in some commercial kitchens. But as time goes by, technology also develops. Technology also touches commercial kitchen equipment so that it is compact and changes the way of cooking to be more practical and efficient rotaryana.

The Combi Oven is one of the technological touches that can already be enjoyed in a restaurant or hotel kitchen. But not all commercial kitchens have it because it is considered not too important. But is that reason worth the combi oven’s capabilities? This assumption will be refuted after seeing the fact that the combi oven is important and how to choose the right combi oven for your kitchen.

This device is an oven development that is capable of cooking in several methods. Combi oven has three cooking methods, namely convection (dry heat), steam (hot steam), and a combination of both. In convection mode, the combi oven is perfect for baking cakes and bread. Even this hot air circulation system is ideal for baking puff pastry products, Danish, croissants, and so on so as to produce dry and crispy skin.

Combi ovens as well as several other types of ovens have the same function for heating food or making cakes/bread. The only difference is a few additions to its basic functions. A Combi oven provides a more complete feature. Thus providing convenience and time efficiency in its use. To be clear, a combi oven is a combination oven. As the full name implies, it is a combination oven. The combination in question is a combination of steam or steam, convection, and convection and steam.

Convection or convection means dry heat circulation. Can be used to bake bread or also meat.
Steam or steam. Its use is similar to a steamer for steaming or boiling. Suitable for cooking types of vegetables.
Convection and steam combined function, to make stronger than usual results. Starting from the smell/humidity.

To set or give orders to the combi oven we can use the buttons on the control panel. On the control panel, there is an option button to set the temperature as well as the time alias timer. As well as other buttons with different functions.

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