The Benefits of Consuming Smoothie  

Losing weight needs extra careful in choosing food intake, regulating diet, and exercising. One of the asipan that can be a diet menu is smoothies. Smoothie is a drink made from fruit, vegetables, sugar syrup/ sugar, liquid fresh milk and ice cubes. In addition to the addition of milk as a characteristic of smoothie, yogurt, chocolate and sweetened condensed milk are also often added to smoothies. Smoothie texture is more concentrated than juice. Get more info on

The difference between juice and smoothies is one of the ways of making it. Juice is made with a juicer equipped with an extractor or processed with an ordinary blender and then filtered. While smoothies are made by blending several types of fruits and vegetables. The addition of milk, coconut milk, or spirulina to increase viscosity. Fruit smoothies are very fun, easy to make and give you all the nutrients needed by the body.

Choose fruit that does not contain a lot of sugar such as strawberries, bananas, papaya, grapefruit, avocado, or grapefruit. Conversely, if you want to make a smoothie you should avoid some fruits that contain lots of sugar. Like cherries, mangoes, or grapes. Add foods that contain protein and good fat to make the nutritional content in smoothies more complete, don’t forget to add foods that contain good protein and fat. Like peas, yogurt, and chia seed. Add green vegetables. Don’t forget to add green vegetables to smoothies to make the nutritional content more complete. Some choices of green vegetables that can be added to smoothies are spinach, or water spinach.

Adding a little green vegetable to smoothies will not change the taste of smoothies why roommies. However, if you are worried about adding green vegetables can affect the taste of smoothies. You can add a little lemon or lime juice to neutralize the taste of vegetables. To get maximum results, don’t forget to also consume smoothies in the morning and afternoon. If consumed in the morning smoothies are useful as a detox drink to remove all the poisons in the body.

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